4 Known Benefits of Using Water Jet Cutting

27 Feb

When it comes to metal cutting, there are lots of ways that this task can be done. There are simple designs while some are crude as hack saws but then again, you can encounter cutting tools that are more technical which uses plasma and laser cutting tools. Of course, similar to other metal cutting technologies and products, there are also downsides to each.

These can be anything from heat causing deformities together with cut line to a rough mess edge left all over. In addition to that, some things can and can’t be cut with different methods and this is the time where water jet cutting enters the picture. This method has provided so many benefits which would be explained in the following paragraphs.

Number 1. No heat – when compared to other methods used, water jet cutting does not cause heat. What this actually mean is that, you won’t see any warping, distorting or melting on edges which helps a lot in making precision cuts even on the most complicated parts.

Number 2. Precision – this method as what said earlier provides extreme precision. Whether you believe it or not, this particular technology has a tolerance of ± 0.005" when cutting. But of course, you should know that this doesn’t come cheap since higher precision translates to higher set up cost of cutter and materials needed to execute the cut. But the good news with this, it’s doable. The fact that cutting is monitored and managed by specialized software installed in a computer makes everything so precise. Know more about Water Jet Cutting here!

Number 3. Versatility – there are so many ways that work beautifully with different materials but not with others. Water jet cutting makes effective cutting of virtually any materials. Noted exception is the tempered glass and for sure, there are couple of specialized materials that it will not work with. But some materials that it is capable to cut with high precision includes steels, all kinds of marble, wood, composites, aluminum, plastics and rubber. Check out this website at https://www.britannica.com/technology/water-jet-channeling for more info about water jet.

Number 4. Clean up and time – another awesome benefit of using this technology is its clean up. There is almost no reason to do cleanup or even secondary finishing operation like sanding or grinding for the fact that there is little to no burr or slag on parts. This as a result made the cutting quicker and gets the job done faster than other cutting technologies.

On top of the aforementioned benefits, there are more reasons to love water jet cutting methods like the fact that it has a fast turnaround time from drawing board to cutting the product, quick setup time, high speed for faster completion of the job, structural properties of materials aren’t affected as it’s cold cutting and so forth. Be sure to learn more here!

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